3 Forklift Parts that Should Always be In Great Condition

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ForkliftForklifts have long since played major roles in various industries and applications, as these machineries make the lives of workers a lot easier and safer. Without these pieces of equipment, workers would have to do all the lifting, moving and transporting of large and heavy loads by themselves.

From these functionalities alone, business owners and managers should already realise the importance of keeping their forklifts in great condition. One way to achieve this goal is through ensuring that all of its parts are in great working condition. There are some parts though, that should always be in top-notch condition, including the following:

  1. Tyres

As in any other vehicle, you have to make sure your forklift does not have damaged tyres. Worn, bald, or cracked tyres will put everyone, especially the operator, at safety risk, says experts from Koala Trucks Forklift Wholesalers. The last thing you want is to deal with the disastrous consequences of overturning forklifts due to damaged tyres.

Replace the forklift’s tyres once you see these symptoms of disrepair. Failure to do so increases the possibilities of the machine slipping out and wreck the load it carries. Remember: forklifts do not have suspension, so their tyres are the only cushioning element between the operator and the ground.

  1. Warning Signals

The control panel of forklifts contain all the important warning signs, including turn signals, horns, and lights among many others. With these components having a lot to do with safety and security, never allow them to go into disrepair.

  1. Brakes

Although forklifts do not go as fast as regular vehicles, their braking system still plays a major role in their safe use. Keep brake fluids at optimal levels, ensure they do not run out of fluid, and know when to change oils.

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As a business owner, manager or forklift operator, it is your responsibility to ensure your workplace, whether a factory, a warehouse or any other industry requiring the use of forklifts, remains safe. Do not delay repairs and make sure that, when you need to replace some components, source them from a reputable Sydney supplier of forklift parts.

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