3 Tips in Designing a Modern Workplace

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Office DesignAre you in the process of furnishing your first business headquarters? Here are some design tips on how to make your workspace a great place to do business for both clients and employees.

  1. Invest in the right floors.

Your office floors are like your skin; they’re the biggest organ in the body, or in this case, a body of work. Choosing the right type of office flooring can help you create a functional and eye-pleasing place to work. You’ll find that there are many floor materials to choose from—from hardwood to marble. But if you’re looking for carpeted floors, consider getting Milliken carpet tiles in the UK for that modern vibe you seek. Carpet tiles give that modern day, a slightly edgy vibe that keeps the workplace buzzing.

  1. Maximise the use of natural light.

These past years, architects and interior designs have worked hard to incorporate and maximise natural light in many working spaces. This isn’t just because natural light helps organisations save money. But research has also shown that it can help people become more motivated at work. Natural light also helps reduce fatigue and eye strain.

  1. Consider an open workspace structure.

More and offices are adopting the open workspace structure. The lack of cubicles and other dividers are known to help people work together better. It also has been known to increase employee productivity. However, there are some cases when an open workspace is not conducive to people who dislike noise in the workplace, including chatty teammates. There are many pros and cons of an open workspace but do consider it and see if it works for your team before investing in cubicles and other dividers.

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Towards A Better Workspace

These tips are perfect for organisations who are just starting up. If you’re lucky enough to find a blank canvas for a future headquarters and with a sizeable budget to match, consider these tips to create the workplace that you need.

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