4 Essential Character Traits That Make a Modern Gentleman

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Modern Gentleman in Northern MichiganSo much satire has been done on gentlemanliness and men in general. This is usually because people only consider wealth, standing and looks as the only major aspects of masculinity. Prove that there’s more to a man than meets the eye by applying these following manly qualities:

He is Sartorial – No modern man will ever be caught poorly dressed, especially in high profile occasions. Take the time to get a bespoke suit tailored for your business profile and environment and have those leather shoes shined. Always have smart outfits pressed and ready for breakfast meetings, afternoon lunches, and business dinners for all types of weather and seasons.

He is Financially Savvy – No self-respecting person will spend money they do not have and neither should true alpha males. A modern gentleman seeks to be financially secure by making wise purchases and sound business ventures. Instead of choosing an overly expensive car, get a more reliable, sturdy and affordable vehicle from Northern Michigan’s car dealership companies.

He is Peaceable – A real man bears no grudges for long. He will not let his emotions get the better of him when he is in conflict with others. He has a desire to mediate and to show impartiality, especially when matters of reputation and honor are called to question. Apply these principles even when tension is at hand. Remember, violence should never be a gentleman’s first option.

He is Kind and Generous – Nothing shows rudeness and poor form more than being insensitive and uncaring. In previous centuries, donating to charity, performing a yearly public service, and giving to the needy has always uplifted the doer and their receivers. Look for local hospices or charity groups that are in need of your assistance, either physically or financially, and commit to a monthly good deed.

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Be a positive example of true manhood, not just by improving your looks but by looking out for others. Where so many people focus only on outward appearances, look to showing professionalism and sincerity. After all, the cliché “It’s the inside that counts” is always true, whatever the situation.

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