4 Tips to Keep Your New Honda in Top Shape

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Man cleaning his carThanks to their unquestionable quality, modern Honda cars can run much longer without requiring service. Compared to previous models, the reliability and efficiency of Honda vehicles has improved greatly, too.

That said, it’s still important to do simple maintenance practices in keeping your Honda in top condition for as long as possible. Here’s how:

Regularly check the engine oil

If your car is still new or in good condition, check the level of engine oil at least once monthly. For older cars, do this more often. In case, you notice a leak, promptly drive to a reliable Honda service center to have the problem quickly fixed.

Keep your tires in good condition

Whenever you intend to travel on a long road trip, use an accurate tire-pressure gauge to determine the inflation pressure in your tires. Do so monthly if you don’t go on extended trips.

Check the owner’s manual for the recommended pressure. In addition, whenever you notice unusual bulges, cuts, or wear on you tires, consider replacing them.

Clean your car

This is a simple car maintenance task that helps improve your car’s appearance and efficiency. Start by removing all the clutter in your car’s interior. Then wash the car’s interior and exterior properly every week if possible. Use a hose to remove all the dirt in your vehicle’s body and undercarriage.

Lubricate the door latches

No one loves squeaky hinges. They are irritating and can make it difficult to open your car’s doors.

By using simple products such as lithium-based grease, you can prevent this from happening or solve the problem when it does.

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Buying a new car can prove difficult, given the rise in the price of new cars. Avoid the headaches by implementing simple car maintenance strategies that will make sure your car run smoothly for the longest time possible.

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