Car in Disrepair? You are Putting Yourself in Danger

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Car Servicing SpecialistEvery single day, you hear or read about unfortunate accidents that happen on the roads that millions of motorists use and share. Many of these car accidents in Singapore take place due to poor driving behavior, impaired driving in particular. Driver neglect comes in second, and then bad weather ranks third.

Not a lot of people are aware, though, that many road accidents are also due to faulty automobiles. Although these mechanical and electrical problems develop over time, primarily wear and tear, owner neglect, combined with incorrect or lack of maintenance can also contribute to car disrepair that can lead to road-related incidents.

So before you take out your ride for a drive, make sure that it does not have the following issues:

Malfunctioning brakes

The brake system of automobiles have a limited life span, so know when to replace it. Some parts take longer to expire while some need more frequent replacement such as the brake pads. Eventually, these will wear out completely, but you should not wait for that time. Get it replaced before it breaks down entirely.

Worn or underinflated tires

Never drive with worn or underinflated tires. Doing so puts you and other people on the road at huge risks, especially on wet roads. These tires lack traction and directional stability, making it easier for you to lose control and get into an accident.

Faulty mechanical and hydraulic parts

You should also regularly have a car servicing specialist in Singapore check your vehicle’s mechanical and hydraulic components. These also deteriorate, rust, corrode, and leak over time, leading to problems such as brake system failure.

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As a car owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your car is always in perfect working condition. You are not the only person at risk when you let your car go in disrepair and keep using it; your passengers and other motorists can also suffer from the consequences your faulty car can cause.

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