Clean Your Air Ducts for a Better, Safer Home

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Clean Air DuctIf you are asthmatic, or someone else in the family is afflicted with this condition, it would be wise to regularly clean your home and remove allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet fur.

One of the things that absorb and get stuck with all these allergens is your air ducts. Though studies don’t show how Indiana air duct cleaning could prevent health problems, there has been conclusive evidence that air ducts are a source of pollutants and other particles. Have your air ducts cleaned to prevent the spread of allergy-causing particles.

When to Schedule Your Air Duct Cleaning

Scheduling your next air duct cleaning is as important as cleaning your home itself. Though it may not be done every day, scheduling the cleanup of your air ducts becomes a MUST when:

  • You see mold, or any other similar substance, growing in the air ducts.
  • There are insects or rodents in the air ducts.
  • The dirt has accumulated over time.
  • There are debris and other particles that clog the ducts.

As a guideline, you may schedule your air duct cleaning and maintenance every three to five years, as suggested by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. But if you are a little uncomfortable, then you can have it cleaned by professionals every two years. You must also consider your health condition: if you are asthmatic, then you may schedule the air duct cleaning more frequently.

Regular air duct cleaning is necessary because it removes dust mites, one of the enemies of asthmatic people. Dust and particles are minute, yet they get accumulated in air ducts. Proper cleaning not only removes them but also makes your home a safer and healthier space to be in. It may be difficult to attempt to clean air ducts yourself, so it’s best to call for professional service.

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