Determine Car Longevity

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Gray CarThe longevity of their car piques the interest of owners because it determines the maximum useful life in duration or miles of their vehicle. Barring a severe crash, certain factors will either lengthen or shorten its usefulness.

Parts of a Whole

According to, a car’s longevity will lengthen or shorten based on the performance of its parts; one faulty part will put pressure on the others to work properly. Overcompensation increases the likelihood of a breakdown or vehicle damage

Factors that affect engine performance may also be indicators of a bigger problem with your car. The engine may be overexerting itself because the battery no longer works properly, suspension may be rusty, or brake systems are too worn.

Rust in various parts of your car is a key indicator of its usefulness. The rust prevents the proper movement of axles, gears, transmission or others within your vehicle. This reduces your vehicle’s performance or it exerts too much stress to the point of permanent damage.

Certain ways will extend the longevity of a car, namely:

  1. Change oil regularly
  2. Track the key fluids in your car
  3. Keep the transmission in good condition
  4. Change spark plugs when the need arises
  5. Regular maintenance
  6. Replace the air filter when necessary
  7. Avoid sudden starts and stops

These habits accumulate over time and extend the useful life of your vehicle. If you plan on selling your car, auto dismantlers will find ways to recycle its parts.

The Level of Use

The longevity of a vehicle may either shorten or lengthen depending on your level of use. Cars used for fleets wear out faster than private cars.

For cars used for fleets, the industry will affect its longevity. Fleet vehicles in rentals, limousine services, delivery and other similar industries wear their automobiles out faster. They reach the mileage threshold sooner compared to privately owned cars.

The factors that affect the longevity of your vehicle will help you make a decision on whether to sell or not. Once a car reaches a certain mileage, it is less likely to attract a buyer who will reuse it. An option to consider is to sell to a wrecker, who will reuse or recycle some of its parts.

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