DIY Tips to Maintain Your Trailer

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Trailer MaintenanceTrailers do a lot of hauling. And even if they are powerful machinery, they still can get damaged. Neglect maintenance and they will soon give up on you. Worse, things like this could happen at the wrong time.

Maintaining a trailer is as easy as changing a tire. So get your tools out with these helpful do-it-yourself maintenance tips.

Servicing Wheel Bearings

It might be the most complicated part of trailer maintenance, but it is also the most important. The wheel bearings’ condition determines if it is possible to get that boat out to the lake.

After dismantling the wheel assembly, use a clean cloth to wipe dirt and grease away from the bearings. Inspect each bearing and replace damaged ones.

Wheel bearing is, again, complicated. It should be done at least once a year if used on normal hauling. It is best to bring the trailer to a professional mechanic to avoid other problems.

Caring for Tires

Tires should be inspected, too, for they are also crucial in safe towing. Many factors affect the lifespan of a tire, such as weather, storage, and usage.

This is why it is important that the same tires are used on a trailer. Using the same model will least likely affect performance when driving the trailer.

Inspect All Electrical Components

Perhaps the easiest part of trailer maintenance is checking the electrical components. This can be done by connecting the trailer to your truck to check if the clearance and brake lights are working. Remember that the lights are also important since they signal the driver, other drivers, and pedestrians.

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When safety is a concern, brakes should be one of the first parts to inspect. Check to see if the pads are still fine and that the brake cables and fluids are in good condition.

Professional Maintenance

In addition to DIY maintenance, you should take your trailer every once in a while to a trailer repair shop for professional servicing. A mechanic can easily identify problems that need immediate repair.

The basics of trailer maintenance should not give you a headache, specialists at Schroeder Truck Repair indicate. However, because trailers do a lot of hauling, some parts can break without you noticing. Therefore, you should also bring your car to a mechanic for professional servicing.

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