Garage Door Inspection: Signs Indicating Repair or Replacement

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Garage Door InspectionYou use your garage door almost every single day yet with all that openings and closings, you probably haven’t checked if it’s still functioning as expected. That is until you experience some issues with it. These issues are warning signs that you might soon need to get your garage door either repaired or completely replaced. These include the following:

  • Inconsistent Response or Lack of Operation – If your garage door doesn’t respond as quickly as it should or doesn’t close or open at all, you may have an issue with your door and its control panel. Fortunately for you, this could be repaired easily and quickly, says a garage door specialist from
  • Noisy Operation – Older garage doors, in particular, are usually noisy. However, if you hear excessive straining or creaking from your garage door, the issue could either be the opener, opener bracket, or spring.
  • Saggy Sections – To determine if your garage door really has saggy sections, detach the opener and open the door manually to approximately midway and leave it like that. In the event that it falls or rises, there’s a good chance that the tension spring could be damaged.
  • A Higher than Normal Electricity Bill – If you’ve already ruled out your air conditioning system and other power-hungry appliances, and if your garage door is a much older model, there’s a huge chance that it’s the one responsible for the spike in your monthly electricity bill. The latest models are significantly more energy-efficient, which will help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Significantly Shaky and Jerky Operation – This is usually a sign that some of your garage door components might be broken, which forces it to operate shakily and inconsistently. This is also true if your garage door falters or jerks upon closing or opening. While a repair could suffice at least in the short term, it might be more cost-effective and safer if you replace it sooner rather than later.
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By conducting simple and fairly easy inspections of your garage door every month and watching out for these warning signs, you could avoid costly repairs and most importantly, fatal accidents.

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