Getting Around the Lovely City of Perth the Easiest Way

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car hire in Perth WAPerth is a vibrant, clean and breathtaking place that many tourists love to visit because of the many attractions you can see and exciting activities you can try. Whether you’re travelling for entertainment, shopping, commerce, food, or culture, this city is a lovely place to be. Exploring the city is a breeze because of the many transportation options you have. Here are some of them.

Traveling from the Airport

After arriving at the airport, you can ride the airport bus service, shuttle or taxi. The airport bus service is available 45 minutes apart. The shuttle service, known as Perth Airport Connect, will get you to either Perth City or Fremantle. Taxis are available at around AUD 40.


Travelling around Perth is easiest when you look for a cheap car hire, such as You can either drive your rented car yourself or have a professional drive you around, depending on your budget. If you’re driving the car yourself, you must have a valid driver’s licence. It doesn’t have to be an international one. You can also rent camping tools and gear if you want to spend some nights outdoors.

Bus and Train

Train lines are easily accessible throughout Perth’s metropolitan area, including Joondalup, Midland, Fremantle, Mandurah and Armadale. Buses are readily available along the train lines for easy access on inner roads of the city.

Free CAT Bus

One of the highlights of Perth’s outstanding public transportation system is the free CAT bus. These modern buses will get you to the top tourist spots in Perth’s city centre for free! You can catch them in four different routes around the city and the neighbouring city, Leederville. It’s easy to spot a CAT bus stop, so there’s no excuse not to get on one.

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Visiting Perth is a treat because it’s very convenient to go around the city whatever mode of transportation you prefer. This way, you’ll spend more time to explore and less time getting lost.

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