Guide to Preventing Accidents in the Construction Site

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Working at a construction site in SavannahWorking at a construction site in Savannah or anywhere else exposes you to several hazards. One of the most common is the fall hazard. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, most fatalities in the construction areas are due to falls. Causes include misuse of fall protection equipment, unstable working surfaces, and human error. To protect you and other workers from falls, here are a few prevention methods you can do.

Safe and Safety Equipment

When available, you can use aerial lifts and elevated platforms. The equipment gives you a safer and more stable elevated working platform. When such equipment is unavailable, a safety net system or a personal fall arrest system can be just as safe.

Immoveable Scaffold

A scaffold can appear safe, but it is often more hazardous than not. When you have to use a scaffold, make sure that it rests on solid ground. You can also ensure that the scaffold is stable and stationary. Guardrails, midrails, and toeboards must be attached to a scaffold as well.

Warning Rails

In the same way, you can stay safe while working on an elevated floor or a roof if you install guardrails, toeboards, warning lines, or control line systems at the edges of the area. This way, you will be aware if you are too near the edge. For holes in the floor, you can cover it with a board or anything sturdy.

Strong Concrete

For extra protection, conduct pull testing regularly, says an expert from Pull testing ensures that the concrete in construction sites are strong enough to carry a load. Scaffolds and fall arrest systems have anchors that are usually attached to concrete. Conducting pull testing ensures that your scaffold or your fall arrest system will stay in place.

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You can practice many other preventive actions to keep yourself and others safe in your Savannah construction site. As long as you follow safety guidelines, you can clear your mind, focus on your work, and have nothing to worry about.

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