Home & Style: Design Ideas for Your Balustrades

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Classic White BalustradeBalustrades can be more than simply your home's safety net. A good attention to this part of your house can become a standout feature as well since it builds up a character for your place. If you're planning to style it up a bit, here are some of the latest design trends you can use for your balusters.

The Curves & Curls

Make your stairs and decks look more fun with curved balusters. It creates flow and adds a contemporary vibe in your home. What's more is it highly customisable, so you can give your own input as to how you want it to look like.

The Power of Steel

In today's set up, stainless steel balustrading services are probably the most popular among all the others. While others offer a certain look or theme, the beauty of steel lies on how flexible it is when it comes to style. Along with that, it can be easily paired with any other design, as well as can be cheaper than the rest.

The Floating Style

This is probably the latest innovation when it comes to stairways. It can be both apply to your own home or to any type of commercial space. The key point of this design is to give more space without compromising the style and functionality of your stairs. The combination of glass and timber can certainly make any room brighter and livelier.

The Classic

Most people might look for ways to reinvent their existing railings, but when it comes to class and sophistication, the solid wood baluster is still the best option. While it is retroactive in every sense, certain changes and customisations create a renewed beauty to this vintage favourite. Thus, this is ideal if you're going for something royalty-like.

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In home interior design, even the simplest and tiniest detail matters. That's why even in your balusters, you need to be more specific on what you want. Try to see all the available design options first before you decide which among them you should go for.

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