How to Tell if Your HVAC Needs Maintenance or Replacement

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HVAC System in CaliforniaHeating and cooling are important parts of home living. Without the proper appliance, you are in for a most uncomfortable summer or winter. In the summer, the danger of heat stroke or hypertension is something you cannot ignore. In the coldest months of the year, on the other hand, health problems may range from a simple cold to a serious case of pneumonia.

It is most unfortunate when your HVAC system breaks down when you need it most, but such inconveniences are usually avoidable. Maintenance can prevent most issues, Q Applied Systems states, and a little technical knowledge can alert you to call a professional to perform a check and apply some repairs.

Some of these symptoms are pretty straightforward.

  1. It doesn’t issue any cool or hot air. In some instances, such as when it does not produce cold air, your HVAC may need Freon or it could also be a sign that the compressor is broken.
  2. The air is weak. Even if the air is as cold as before, if the flow is weaker than normal, there must be an obstruction or a break in the ductwork. This may also result in uneven temperatures around the house. It could also be a broken compressor.
  3. You can hear strange sounds coming from the system. If a belt has slipped and is now out of place, you may hear squealing. Broken motor bearings, on the other hand, produce a grating noise. When you hear noises in the HVAC it can mean a serious problem, so call a technician without delay.

Some HVAC problems are solvable with a call to your service provider. Others that are more serious, however, may mean you should start talking to an HVAC manufacturer’s representative in California for a possible replacement.

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Study a few things about your HVAC, such as the sounds that might come from inside it, so you know whether your unit needs maintenance. If it’s too old, perhaps the more prudent thing to do is to replace it.

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