Is Pull Testing Really Necessary?

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Pull Testing ServicesPull testing is conducted to prevent possible construction malfunctions. Basically, it involves attaching a piece of equipment to a nut, bolt, fixing, or screw. A pulling force with a designated stress load is then applied to determine the strength and security of the fixing.

Savannah pull testing is done to make sure that your equipment is working at full capacity and are compliant with the set requirements and standards of the OSHA and ANSI. However, not all companies may have sufficient resources to get the job done on their own. That is where pull testing, rigging, and lifting solutions providers come in.

Pull Testing Services

The right service provider must be capable of providing a wide variety of rigging and lifting solutions including pull testing services to clients that may include manufacturers, engineers, and end-users of non-standard fabrications, structures, and devices.

Ideally, the solutions provider must have modern pull test equipment that can accurately perform the required tests. This way, the client can be assured that their slings, chains, as well as other lifting equipment function optimally, and are reliable and safe to use. Extensive reports are also made to indicate whether the fixings failed or passed the applied stress load levels. The company must also ensure that the client is compliant with the OSHA requirements.

The Testing Process

Usually, the tests are done to measure various data points versus the mandated specifications. These data points are then gathered, recorded, and finally evaluated by a trained technician from the pull testing company. The evaluation is aligned with set OSHA standards.

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After the pull force testing is completed successfully, the client will receive a certificate that indicates the equipment inspected and tested, and that it is safe to use. In many cases, each item that is made to undergo pull testing is assigned a serial number that is referenced in the certificate.

Pull testing is an important safety precaution not only for the construction industry but for various businesses as well, says an expert from

It is, therefore, important to partner only with a reputable company with sufficient know-how, experience, and equipment required for the task.

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