Is Your 4WD Outback-Ready?

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OffroaderWhile nothing is more exhilarating than braving the outback in your 4WD, if you want to ensure a trouble-free trip, it is critical that you first perform a thorough checkup or maintenance on your vehicle. This is to make sure you won’t encounter problems down the road. JTW Autoparts shares more information below:

• Your Trusty Tyres

Make sure to thoroughly inspect your tyres’ treads and their pressure. Make sure your spare tyre is in perfect condition to be on the safe side.

• The Wheel Bearings

Based on the amount of time that has passed since you last replaced your wheel bearings, it is best to have new ones installed most especially if you notice that your existing bearings are showing signs of deterioration. Otherwise, you’ll have to endure painstaking clunking and screeching sounds from your well worn wheel bearings.

• Oiling Up

As with every type of vehicle, you must check to see if the oil levels are prepared to tackle the challenging terrain you’ll be subjecting your 4WD to. Make sure to pack a spare bottle to be safe.

• Lighting Your Way

If your 4WD is equipped with those powerful long range LEDs to help you navigate the blackest of nights, make sure they are in perfect condition before you head out. Just in case, have a spare set on hand.

• The Bull Bar

It is a fact that driving in the great Outback will increase your risk of accidentally hitting unsuspecting animals. So, prior to leaving, make certain that bull bar is in tip-top shape and ready for anything you might encounter in wild.

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Other Things to Consider

Don’t forget to pack all tools and safety gear that you might need for your trip, so you can be prepared for anything that will come your way. It’s also a good idea to write a list of everything you’ll most likely need and check each item off as you pack. You should also highly consider familiarising yourself with basic 4WD repairs and hacks, most especially if you’re going out alone. Checking various components beforehand and replacing them as needed with more economical and recycled, yet genuine replacement parts from 4WD wreckers is also recommended to ensure a safe and trouble-free adventure.

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