Keeping in Touch: Organise a Class Reunion the Stress-Free Way

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Class Reunion PlanningOrganising a class reunion may seem like a big deal, but there are ways to make the task easier. A class reunion is a good idea if you and your friends would like to get together after all these years.

There are questions you should ask if you want your reunion party to be successful. Here are some of those questions:

Are Your Classmates Interested?

First, there's no point in organising a party no one would attend. First off, make sure at least half your class are interested. How? Use social media; it's the quickest and most versatile way. You can take the time to create an invitation (image) and send it to your classmates, or just hit them up with a simple message using an app like Facebook's Messenger. You can also create an event on Facebook — this is by far the easiest because you don't have to keep track of anything else. Your classmates can simply click on whether they're going or not.

Do You Have a Venue?

Start venue hunting if you get a positive answer from your classmates. A good first choice would be your old high school, if the school would allow you to use one of their rooms or even the gym. There are other venues if this isn't possible; you simply have to compare prices and facilities. 

Another choice would be to do it at your home if you have space. This may require more work on your part — food, chairs and tables, and a generator. Tauranga Hire says that generators are ideal if you're doing an event outdoors and everything is away from power outlets.

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Can You Rely on Your Committee?

You don't have to do this alone. Think about forming a committee to handle specific tasks like collecting money, preparing food or calling a catering service, updating the group on what's going on before the date, etc. A good committee will help you manage tasks with less stress.

Organising your class reunion is easy if you know how to go about it. If your planning is as flawless as possible, this will definitely be something to look forward to.

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