Moving House: What To Do With Leftover Items

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Moving HouseMoving is only the first part of your stress. You will still have to deal with the stuff you leave behind especially if you plan to sell your old house or you were simply renting it. Moving does not end with you taking all your belongings to your new house. You have to make sure you do not leave anything important behind. It is also time to let go of some things you ought not to bring with you.

It can be frustrating when you have so many things left after packing. You don't want these things to simply go to waste but you will need to get rid of them. Little Green Truck suggests that before you call for cheap rubbish removal, you can still do something about your excess stuff.

Garage Sale

Moving can cost you a lot of money. Why not try to sell some of your old stuff to fund your moving plans? Make an inventory of all the things you have left and simply set up a garage sale in your yard. Open it to your neighbors who might take an interest in what you have left. Don't be too strict when it comes to pricing. After all, what you are after is to get rid of these things and to not have them go to waste.


When it comes to old clothes or trinkets you no longer use, it might be better to pack them neatly and take them up for donation. Separate items based on the type and put them in bags. Once you have everything ready, drive up to the community center or a local charity office and drop off your items.

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Old items should not hinder you from having a successful move. Plan ahead of time and categorise what goes to the trash or what is best for donation.

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