Party When You Like It: You Don’t Need A Special Occasion To Celebrate

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Party With a Cheering Crowd and FireworksPeople love holding parties in honor of special occasions, but there’s really no need to wait for one to throw a party. It doesn’t even have to be an extravagant affair. If the people you want to party with are available, go ahead and celebrate.

The Charm of Short-Notice Parties

Casual moments are sometimes the most memorable ones. Parties thrown together on short notice might not be the most organized, but they are bound to be fun. Everyone’s guards will be down owing to the informal nature of the party. Guests tend to be boisterous and eager to participate in games and energetic discussions. The food could be simple fare, but the enjoyable company can more than makes up for it.

Party Planning Pointers

When planning short-notice parties, decide first on where to hold your event. Consider your budget, number of attendees, and appropriate locations for the party’s theme.

If you’re planning an outdoor gathering, you’ll need a tent to provide cover from the sun and rain.

The style of the tent can also set the tone for the party. For example, frame tents and pole tents have wide interiors without center poles obstructing the space. This makes them ideal for cook-offs and social gatherings, according to Houston rental company Avalon Event Rentals. Structure tents, on the other hand, look more formal and would suit weddings and company parties.

If you want dancing to be the highlight of the party, rent a dance floor, lights, and sound. You might even get a package deal for all three.

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As for the food, hiring a catering service is always a good call. Small-scale caterers are usually more amenable to short-notice bookings. A tip: finding different caterers for the buffet, desserts, and wet bar is sometimes easier when you’ve got a limited time to prepare and set up.

The best thing about casual parties with close acquaintances is that people’s expectations are not high. There’s less pressure for you, the host, to execute a lavish production. If all else fails, event planners and suppliers for all three mentioned above – venue, party needs and food – are accessible online. Take advantage of these perks and plan a party anytime you feel like it.

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