Pointers for Picking a Winner at a Truck Auction

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Yellow Truck in WarehouseDespite auction houses being a great source of still usable second-hand vehicles, you could end up with a dud despite it starting at a low bid. Before you decide to finalise your choices, you might consider checking these first. After all, it’s best to be sure buying. Pickles.com.au shares a checklist of the items to check before bidding.


How many owners did your targeted truck go through? How much mileage did it incur through all those drivers? Despite the fact that most trucks on auction have already been shined and buffed to almost a brand-new sheen, check under the seats, the floor and the dashboard for signs of misuse and neglect.

Model and Year

There are truck brands and models in Brisbane that have discontinued parts and services so it’s best that you are aware of these details before bidding on any unit. Also, check online for accident-prone or technically-faulty truck models so you can avoid buying them.

General Feel

Trust your instincts, but use your senses as well. Take a sniff of the interior and if you find musky or dank odours then avoid these vehicles like the plague. The age-old saying ‘When in doubt, don’t’ will definitely apply here.


No matter how cheap or viable a truck is, avoid buying units that won’t fit your company’s present need. Not unless you are into truck sales that involve reconditioning, purchasing a truck for repurposing may cost you more in repairs and refurbishing.


You’d be lucky if your auctioneers allowed you to turn on the engine. If they do allow you then do so and listen to how the engine sounds. If not, then ask permission to look under the hood. It would be good to have basic auto mechanic knowledge so do your research before entering the auction hall.

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Before going to any auction, make sure you have armed yourself with information, street smarts and cash for possible deposit. Just remember that the truck of your dreams need not be in the first auction you attend. And choose to inquire from reputable auction companies only. Happy truck hunting!

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