Possible Causes of Car Problems on the Road

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Car ProblemsYour car breaking down in the middle of nowhere puts your life at risk. Nothing is more frustrating to a motorist than a car suddenly stopping in the middle of the road at night.

Having a good grasp of road safety eases your mind in such scenarios and drastically reduces the amount of time spent stranded. Here are some of the most common causes of road breakdowns and the possible preventative measures as suggested by towing experts from Caboolture City.

Transmission problems

Problems with automatic transmissions are harder to diagnose compared to manual ones. As such, the problem remains unnoticed until they fail completely. If you notice or feel the car jerk while putting it in gear, check the automatic transmission. Sometimes the gear wheels wear out or the transmission fluid leaks and runs low, causing the system to slip. Timely repairs save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

An overheated engine

With moderate driving, most cars can handle long distances without overheating. Faulty engines, on the other hand, overheat rather quickly and can leave you stranded on the road. Faulty thermostats prevent the flow of coolants into the engine while leaky cooling systems reduce the amount of coolant available. Damaged cooling fans or a clogged radiator also causes the car to overheat. If the engine light keeps blinking on the dashboard, examine the car to prevent significant damage.

Failing to check the oil

Car oil keeps the moving parts in the engine running smoothly by reducing friction and preventing them from heating up. With time, the oil loses its efficiency, requiring change. Leaking engine oil increases the likelihood of having an engine failure. Regular oil checks protect the engine from damage

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Fixing car trouble after spotting the initial signs improves your driving experience and reduces the chances of having a roadside breakdown.

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