Practical Guide for Garage Door Safety

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Garage Door Specialist in ChicagoYour seemingly indestructible garage door could provide you years of safe and proper operation, considering that it was installed, used, and serviced properly. To make sure your garage door continues to provide uninterrupted service and safe operation, consider the following tips:

  • Older, Worn-Out Springs: For older garage doors, routine inspection of the springs requires professional inspection and repairs as needed. For doors with two springs, both should be replaced even if only one is damaged. This will keep the garage door functioning properly and prevent damage due to the broken spring.
  • Squeaky Springs: Utilize a special lubricant to address the noise and in the event that noise persists, call for professional help.
  • Inspect the Cables: Worn or frayed cables are prone to breaking, which could cause injury. Prompt professional inspection is needed.
  • Unresponsive Garage Door: A door that doesn’t go up or down as expected is unsafe. This is most likely due to a damaged spring system that requires immediate attention.
  • Safety Cables: Broken springs are hazardous, but safety clips or cables could keep them contained, says a garage doors specialist in Chicago.
  • The Bottom Brackets: Because these are attached to the springs, they are constantly under severe tension. These should be regularly adjusted only by trained professionals, reminds.
  • Take Care of your Fingers: Each year, plenty of unsuspecting homeowners hurt their fingers when pulling down their garage doors. Consider installing gripping points or lifting handles, even if the doors already have a door opener.
  • Remote Safety: Never let kids play with the remote control of your garage door. Tell them about garage door safety and about the potential injuries that might occur.
  • Emergency Release Mechanism: You have to know how to use this handy feature. Look to the door’s instruction manual for specific instructions.
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Your trusty garage door is undoubtedly the biggest moving component in your house that you utilize probably every single day. Over time, however, its parts could break and wear out, creating potential safety issues. So ensure that you garage door gets timely, professional maintenance and inspections to not only prolong its service life, but also keep you safe.

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