Prevent Rolling Scaffold Disasters by Complying with OSHA

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ScaffoldRolling scaffolds, also known as rolling towers or mobile scaffolds, have many uses and functions in various industries, particularly in companies involved in building construction and maintenance. Without these temporarily elevated platforms, it is virtually impossible for companies to have their workers complete jobs that involve tasks requiring them to be at a certain height.

Mobile scaffolds as defined by OSHA

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) defines mobile scaffolding systems as lifting equipment either powered or unpowered, wheeled- or caster-mounted temporary platforms supported by a base or suspended from above.

Must-meet OSHA requirements for erecting rolling towers

OSHA has an extensive list that all companies requiring the use of mobile scaffolds should satisfy. The primary concern that OSHA has for creating these requirements is the safety of the people working on these elevated platforms.

One of the key concerns when using rolling scaffolds, according to, is the proper erection, which involves setting them up using correct braces (horizontal, diagonal, and/or cross braces), to ensure the platform’s rigidness and stability. Supervisors, managers, and scaffold builders should ensure the system makes use only of properly working and securely fastened brace connections.

Ensuring the system remains stable and secure

Also, since mobile scaffolds rely on wheels for movement, they should come equipped with high quality, locking systems for stability and secure placement. Swivel locks on casters play an important role in keeping the scaffold from moving or going out of place when in use.

Other key design and safety factors for consideration

Unlike conventional scaffolds, mobile systems do not have the same tying or guying stability features. Therefore, their height should not go beyond four times the width of their base. To extend the base dimensions, you can use outriggers, in the event you need a higher-reaching scaffold.

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As a final reminder, before you have a rolling tower designed, make sure you inform the builder or designer about the specific uses and applications you have for the system.

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