Repairing Your Car’s Rust Hole

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Rusty CarMetal and other such substances are prone to rust and corrosion. So it is no surprise that older vehicles which are unkempt, get rust. This will not happen if you maintain your car well. When the rust is left untreated, they eat the metal and cause hideous holes in the car. You will need to call car paint experts to repair these unattractive holes, Nova Smash Repairs suggests.

  • Welding and painting

There are many ways to fill up the rusted holes in your car. But if the holes are not in an obvious place or really difficult to detect then your mechanic can weld on a small piece of metal over the holes. They can thus fill the holes and smoothen the area out well. The mechanic can then paint the area with exactly the same paint colour as the original colour.

  • Fiberglass kit

The most successful and functional method to repair them is by making use of the fiberglass kit. You can easily follow a few steps to fill up the holes. The items required for this process are a fiberglass cloth kit, elbow grease, spreader, electric drill, grinder, sandpaper and the sanding discs. It is best to trim all the excess debris around the hole on the car. Cut away the metal before you begin the process.

  • The repairing process

You can grind the traces of the rust completely from around the hole. It is best to remove all the paint and primer around nearly four inches from the edge of the hole. After sanding the area lay the release film over the hole after it is cut to a size slightly larger than the hole. You can then cut two fiberglass matte pieces to cover the hole – one should be smaller and another should be bigger than the hole. With the help of the film, apply the matte pieces and repair the hole. The area can then be masked, primed and painted.

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Some of the ways to repair rust holes are explained above. Choose the method that suits you best. In most cases, it’s best to use a professional’s help to fix these things as they have the experience, knowledge and the right equipment to carry out repairs.

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