Responsible Driving: The Way to Accident-Free Roads

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Road SafetyEvery year, people die from car-related accidents. It could be due to speeding, driving under the influence or simply not following the rules. The causes may vary, but the preventive measures remain the same. What can you do to keep these car accidents from happening? shares the following tips.


These are sometimes the most overlooked factor in road safety. Everyone is in a rush just to get to their destination without checking if their vehicle is in good condition. Doing quick checks can help minimise troubles on the road. Your tires may already be thinning or there is no more brake fluid under the hood. Avoid being the cause of problems on the road yourself.

Two-Second Rule

There is such a rule to prevent hitting the car in front of you – the two-second rule. There should be ample space between cars in case the vehicle in front decides to hit the brake. Keeping yourself in proximity takes away the time necessary for your car to make a full stop. This may lead to a series of crashes unless one car on the road maintains proper distance.


It all comes down to respect between motorists to prevent accidents. Stay in your lane or use your signal lights properly to communicate where you are going. Give way to pedestrians crossing or avoid using high beams at cars from the opposite lane. Respecting imposed speed limits and other road signage are also important to keep everyone safe.

Sometimes, even after taking all the necessary precautions, you might still get into a car accident. The fault may not be yours, but you still got your car damaged. When you find yourself in this problem, make sure to call experts when you need to have your vehicle repaired.

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