Safety and Competency Training – A Requirement for Boom Lift Operators

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Workers on a Boom LiftAerial lifting devices are indispensable in warehousing and construction activities. Hydraulic, telescoping and articulating equipment follow specific operations and safety guidelines. These machines are mainstays in environments full of people and other heavy machinery. Only trained operators should be behind the controls.

What do you know about the cherry picker?

One of the most popular of the self-propelled elevated work platforms is the boom lift or basket crane. It is also known as the cherry picker. says it is a versatile machine used in different industries and work environments. Are you interested in applying for a job that gives you the opportunity to operate aerial lifts on a daily basis? If yes, says you must first realise there are great risks involved.

Operating aerial lifts properly and responsibly

Vehicle-mounted equipment allows workers easy access to job sites located aboveground. You may have seen electrical company technicians on aerial work platforms while working on electrical lines. Aside from the possibility of electrocution, accidents such as falls may happen. The entire vehicle may also tip over due to a poorly executed maneuver. Unfortunate accidents may be avoided if the person behind the controls has the qualifications to operate the machine.

The controls may be simple enough, but receiving full training reduces the risk for potential dangers. Certified operators of cherry pickers and similar equipment receive training to recognise potential hazards, and act on them accordingly. Knowledge and skills avoid potential dangers.

Qualifying requirements for certified operators

A complete boom lift course involves a practical test supervised by a competent evaluator. Even online safety programs require the hands-on evaluation before sending over the certificate of completion. Not all training courses you see comply with industry standards and state and federal government regulations, so be vigilant in finding a good program.

Do you want to work as a certified cherry picker operator? Invest your time and money only on a program that is customised to your needs and compliant with regulations.

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