Scam Alert: Staying on the Lookout from Tow Truck Tricks

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Getting into a car accident can be a hassle. Not only are you going to have to take your car in for repairs and settle the bills for any collateral damage, but it also puts you in a vulnerable position, as tow truck scammers often flock to scenes where car accidents have recently occurred.

Although there are a lot of honest, professional tow-truck operators on the road. The ugly truth is that there are some companies that are looking to take advantage of an unfortunate situation. It is best to be ready, therefore, in case you’re in an accident and a suspicious tow truck shows up.

Check with Your Insurer if they Offer Towing Services

When in doubt, check if your insurance policy benefits include a towing service, and which towing service is authorised by your insurance provider. If your insurer has supplied you with a ‘Do Not Tow’ sticker, put it on your windshield. The sticker warns tow truck scammers that they can’t mess with your vehicle, as only authorised personnel can tow it.

Keep Insurance Information Confidential

The National Crime Insurance Bureau warns drivers not to, under any circumstances, give away their insurance and personal holder information to unknown tow truck operators. A scammer could easily use that information against you for further fraud and charge exorbitant towing and storage fees. If an operating service tries to pressure you, warn them that you’ll call the police.

Double-Check the Documentation

Before commit to a service provider, inspect the documentation from the tow truck operator. Ask for a quote from the operator, and negotiate the price with them upfront. Make sure you cross-check the truck signage with what appears on their documentation to make sure they’re identical and consistent. When in doubt, you can ask the operator for more identification.

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A tow truck operator could be your knight in shining armour or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Whenever possible, drivers from Caboolture should seek the help of tow truck services from a reputable company, so that, even in the wake of a car accident, their vehicles will be in good hands.

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