Scrapping Metal Junk: One Way to Solve Waste Generation and Disposal Problems

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Scrap Metal in Wellington As the population grows, the number of waste products also grows. Waste products are classified as household, commercial, industrial, and construction waste, with 50 percent of solid wastes coming from residential sources.

Did you know you could contribute to lowering the volume of household wastes, which end up in landfills if you embrace waste reduction and recycling practices? Scrapping is a good way. Scrap buyers in Wellington are willing to get scraps and recyclable rubbish off your hands.

Know your rubbish

If you empty out all the contents of the rubbish bin at home, you’ll find that more than half of the items consist of food scraps and garden waste. About 20 percent of household rubbish is paper and six percent is plastic items. You will also find a few glass items and miscellaneous waste. About 3 percent of the rubbish in the bin is metal.

You might be thinking, that’s nearly not enough metal to collect and sell, and you’re right. The metal scraps that will earn you extra money are in the attic, the basement, the garage, and storage bins, which are already collecting dust.

Know your metal junk

You can start rummaging through the basement for damaged appliances you have not yet disposed of. Even if the metal scraps you find there, as well as in the garage, are old and in a sorry state, they can still be of use. Once cleaned and processed, they can be used to build automobile parts, railways, cutlery, and various tools and equipment.

When you are collecting metal junk, bring a magnet to segregate iron and steel from items containing mostly aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Moreover, exercise caution so you won’t expose yourself to potentially harmful substances.

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Scrapping can lower the volume of rubbish being dumped in landfills. Why don’t you start collecting and selling scraps now?

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