Swarms of Flying Termites Mean a Near Dilapidated Wooden Home

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Flying Termites in ElkhartFlying termites are just regular termites that already reached their flight stage, marking the end of their lifespan. And if you ever had the cringing opportunity to watch this bizarre scene on a street lamppost or your home, you know better not to approach them.

However, seeing the light getting swallowed by hundreds and even thousands of flying wood eaters isn’t the worst thing you have to keep in mind.

Yes Pest Pros, Inc. suggests that termite treatment solutions should quickly be provided at the first onset of flying termites in your home. Typically, when termites take flight, it means that their colonies are at its prime. When you see them bathing in the light in your porch, room, or anywhere in the house — it means that the wooden parts of your home are already hollowed from the inside out.

And having a dilapidated, bug-infested, and hazardous wooden material inside your home can influence uncalled-for issues.

Termite Destruction Cost: In Numbers

Property damage due to termites amounts to billions of dollars each year. Since they primarily feed and burrow on wood, it’s hard to tell if you have a termite infestation early. The only time you can naturally determine that your property is already penetrated is when you see swarms of adult termites flying. Contrary to other bugs and pests, termites almost make no sound as they feast on wood and burrow on different estate materials.

First-Aid Solution to Termites

While these solutions won’t cancel out the colonies of termites in your property, these will impede their growth and lessen flying swarms. Basically, you need to focus on the following:

  • Moisture
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Even the most aggressive type of termites will find it impossible to live inside dried and treated wood. To keep the termite population from flourishing further, repair all water leaks, divert water away from external home foundations, and clear out any stagnant water.

  • Food Sources

Keep paper, parchment, and firewood away from easy crawl spaces to make it hard for termite workers to transport food to and fro their colonies. You can also place screens and cerement the soil areas near your property.

Termites are among the most persistent type of pests. Unless you rid of all the wooden materials in the property, it will be impossible to stop them from thriving.

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