Taking Care of the Most Important Part of Forklifts

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ForkliftsThe fork is arguably the most significant part of a forklift because without it, you cannot do any lifting at all. Many operators, however, often neglect this part of the machine.

Forks are also the most used part of the equipment, but spare forks are rare to find compared to other extra parts of forklifts. Thus, it is essential to take care of and maintain this important component.

Here are some ways to prevent damage on your forks:

  1. Protect the Heel

The heel of the forks carries the weight of the load. Experts advise operators to avoid dragging the heel or applying heat to it. By protecting the heel, you prevent the forks from being vulnerable to heavy loads.

  1. Stick to Lifting

The common mistake of some forklift operators is that they use the forks to open or push things. Manufacturers and equipment experts remind forklift operators that using forks for other purposes could cause serious damage.  

  1. Keep the Forks from Hitting the Ground

Another way to maintain the quality of the forks is to bring the loads down slowly and to keep the forks from hitting the ground. Forks that always hit the ground are prone to cracks and other damages.

  1. Never Lift with One Fork

Manufacturers calculated the load capacity of forklifts based on the ability of both forks to lift. So, when the operator only lifts with one fork, he is forcing one fork to carry loads that are greater than its actual capacity. This common mistake may cause the fork to bend and crack.

  1. Obey the Maximum Capacity

There is no faster way to damage the forks than lifting loads that go beyond the machine’s maximum capacity. In Sydney, all new and used forklifts have a capacity rating that operators should always consider – and obey.

When treated properly, forks can last a long time. Abusing your forks, however, could lead to costly repairs, and in the event that there are no available spare forks, you have no choice but to buy a new forklift.  

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