The Way to Clean Water: How Cooling Systems Benefit from Sidestream Filters

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Clean WaterFor a cooling tower system to produce clean water, its heat transfer surfaces must be clean. This scenario can be difficult to achieve as dirt and debris can build inside the cooling system. Consequently, this build-up leads to corrosion and blockage that affects the water quality.

Fortunately, sidestream filtration is a solution that addresses this challenge. Companies that utilise sidestream filters in cooling towers can improve water quality by filtering out any suspended debris or solids.

Aside from the improved water quality, here are the benefits of installing sidestream filters:

Lower Maintenance Cost

The typical way of cleaning a cooling tower is to shut the system down. A machine will remove these sediments accumulated on the basin. Maintenance becomes expensive when it takes more time to remove these sediments. It also drives the expenses higher as the downtime does not contribute to productivity.

Sidestream filters continuously remove particles known to cause build-up. Continuous removal of particles minimise the accumulation of sediments. This results in both lower maintenance cost and higher productivity due to reduced downtime.

Reduction in Chemical Use

One chemical used in removing particles is chlorine. This chemical eliminates dead organisms and huge microbiological growth from the cooling system. As sidestream filters constantly remove suspended particles, the demand to introduce additional chemical treatment decreases.

Decreases Energy Consumption

Foulants like silt and organic matter form an insulting film on a heat transfer surface. This film decreases the rate of heat exchange. As a result, it forces the cooling system to work harder to meet the necessary cooling requirement. A Sidestream filter reduces the probability of fouling by filtering out foulants.

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Controls Microbiological Growth

Uncontrolled microbiological growth can cause health problems. Sidestream filters help mitigate potential health problems caused by large particles.

There is no doubt sidestream filtration is cost-effective. Companies may benefit from these filters provided they can identify potential threats in their cooling systems prior to installation.

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