Three Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Car for Money

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vintage carWhen you finally decide to buy a new car, what would you do with the old one? Would you give it away, sell it, donate it, trade it in, or sell its parts? All of these have different benefits, and the best choice depends on your preference.

Find out what’s the best thing to do based on your needs:

Selling Scrap Parts

The best thing to do when your old car isn’t in its best condition anymore is to sell the parts that are still functioning. You don’t have to go through the tiring process of prepping it up for sale and finding a buyer. Car wreckers will give you an offer for every part depending on the market demand. It’s up to you which offer to take or leave.

Donating to Charity

The main benefit you get when donating a car to organizations like is tax exemption. Instead of finding a buyer and earning some profit, you will get a tax deduction in return for your good deed. Many companies now provide assistance for people who want to donate their vehicles. Just choose a charity to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Selling the Car

If your car is still somewhat new and the engine is still reliable, selling is a good option. Although it can be hard to get a buyer that will be willing to pay the price you want, the profit will be worth it. If you go to an auto dealer, they might diminish your car’s value as much as they can, so you must be ready to negotiate.

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No matter what method you decide on, make sure you do it correctly to get the most out of your car’s value. Work only with credible professionals, so your old car will fall intothe right hands.

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