Top Causes of Blocked Kitchen Drains

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A woman pumping a clogged sinkClogged drains are not only a significant inconvenience in your home; they are also disgusting and teeming with bacteria. They are a big nuisance that if not sorted promptly and properly can lead to health issues fast. You might also be the cause of your clogged kitchen drains.

What you pour down your kitchen sink might be the cause of your problem. It’s best to call a plumbing repair specialist in Harrisburg, PA immediately. Here are a few things you should keep in your garbage bins and out of your drains:

Grease and Fat

Grease, oils, and fats can form ‘’fatbergs’’, which clog kitchen drains. When poured down your sink, even when hot, they eventually solidify and build up to block your drains. Consider getting a can to pour your oils in before cooling and wipe your dishes with paper towels before washing them to minimize fats in your pipe.

Food Items

Pasta expands when it comes in contact with water. It continues to expand in your drain and eventually blocks it. Fruit seeds, coffee grounds, bones and eggshells are damaging to your drain’s blades. They will jam blades and slow down their rotation, leading to blocked drains.

Non-Food Items

Never place non-food items down your drain even though they appear soft enough for your shredder to handle. They can get caught in the blades or bends of the plumbing system and block your pipes. These include paper, plastic wrappers, and cigarette butts.

In addition, chemicals and medications do not belong to your drain as they can find their way into water systems and damage the ecosystem. Dispose of items, such as eggshells, fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, and corn husks properly and allow them to decompose naturally. Be careful with what you allow down your drain.

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