Tread Carefully: Must-Check Qualities when Buying Used Tires

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Used Tires in UtahWhen the time comes for you to replace your vehicle’s tires, you have two options: buy a brand new set, which can be quite expensive, or stay on budget and get used ones.

Of course, brand new tires are great investments, but if you’re like many Provo residents, your budget may be a little tight. Fortunately, you will find reputable used tires suppliers offering products that are still good choices despite their lower prices. Before spending money on these used parts, though, check the tire qualities.

The Tread Wear

Determine how much tread is left with the used tires you plan on buying. Use the traditional penny test to find out.

Place a penny in the tread’s center, with the heads side facing you, and the top of the head leaning towards the tire. A tire that still has a lot of tread left can hide the hair of Lincoln on the coin. A worn tread, on the other hand, will show you the space between the coin’s edge and Lincoln’s head.

The Distribution of the Wear reminds that used tires from Provo suppliers will have some wear on them. The important part you need to check, aside from the level of wear, is the distribution.  Wear distribution should be balanced throughout the tire’s surface.

Avoid purchasing used tires that only have wearing on one side, in the middle, or in any other sole spot. Make sure you also check for any air pockets or bubbles underneath the tire’s rubber. Not only do these reduce the tire’s efficiency, they can also be a safety hazard.

Serious Signs of Repairs

Patches, plugs, and other signs of serious repairs are indications of problem tires. Check for these, and if possible, inspect the insides of the tires, too.

Overall, any sign of major or extensive repairs should raise a red flag, and if you see these in the tires you want to purchase, feel free to move on to your next option.

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