Why Companies Prefer Onsite Diesel Refuelling

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diesel gas refuelVehicles that need diesel refill in New Zealand simply drive up to a petrol station to fill up their tanks, just like everywhere else. However, people that need diesel for their machines such as farms and construction sites do not have this convenience. Even some homeowners that have no access to gas pipes and rely on diesel-powered heaters need some help.

This is where on-site diesel refuelling through mini-tankers comes in handy. Companies like Mini-Tankers cites reasons people should consider on-site diesel refuelling every day instead of storing it in a tank.

No compliance worries

New Zealand has recently passed laws on using stationary and portable fuel storage tanks. This can be a hassle and cost for farm owners and construction companies. If your machines are refuelled on-site, you will not have to maintain a fuel storage tank. With onsite diesel refuelling stations, mini tankers that comply with government rules will fill up your fuel storage tanks wherever you are.

No theft worries

When you keep diesel stored on site, there is always the risk that someone will steal some of it for their personal use. Furthermore, you’ll have a hard time watching over your merchandise if you leave it on site to look for gas stations.

With an onsite fuel refilling service, fuel distributors will bring diesel to you so you can conduct your business as usual and watch over your possessions at the same time.

No hazard worries

Any kind of fuel is a source of potential danger. A second’s inattention can lead to a fire or explosion that can seriously harm people in the area as well as destroy property.  It’s better to have diesel inside mini-tankers that can manage and transport it safely to you.

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Fewer costs

The price per litre for on-site diesel refuelling may be higher than if you fetch the fuel yourself. However, overall it will cost you less because you do not have to deal with the opportunity cost of transporting and storing your own diesel fuel.

There are many advantages to having an onsite diesel refuelling services. With these, you can go about your work without worrying about breaking government laws, crime, potential hazards and extra costs.

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