Why You Must Never Drive with a Damaged or Missing Wheel Bearing

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Wheel BearingYour wheel bearing works with your wheel, hub, and tire to provide a smooth and safe ride when driving your car. In the event that it becomes worn or damaged, your wheel will be subjected to more friction and will start to become unstable.

Common Signs of a Damaged Wheel Bearing

  • The most common indication of a worn out wheel bearing is loud noises coming from either your car’s wheel or the tire. This sound is similar to the sound of metal grating on metal, and you could hear this more prominently when you drive at a faster than normal speed. Consult a mechanic as soon as possible if you hear a noise like this, on either one or both car wheel bearings.
  • Another common sign of a wheel bearing coming loose or failing is when you feel your steering wheel is excessively wobbling. This is a hazardous situation since your car won’t be responsive as expected, and your wheel could potentially break away.

What Happens If You Drive with a Damaged Wheel Bearing?

Among the most common issues of a damaged wheel bearing is your tires degrading much faster. Fuchs wheels dealers say that this wouldn’t happen if you replaced your failing wheel bearings once they showed symptoms of damage. A damaged wheel bearing could result in uneven tire wear, meaning that you’ll have to buy new tires sooner than expected. If you notice that a wheel bearing is missing, don’t drive your car because the tire could fall off. You don’t want to risk losing control of your car and potentially cause an obstruction or worse, an accident while driving on a busy highway.

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Put simply, you must never drive your car if a wheel bearing is missing or damaged. It is a crucial component of your car that ensures your wheel stays on all the time. In the event that you experience or notice the abovementioned signs of damage, do not put other road users and yourself at risk and contact your trusted mechanic immediately.

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