Your Car Air Conditioner Might Be Making You Ill

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Car Air Conditioner SystemNow considered a basic necessity, air conditioning systems, whether in homes or automobiles, play major roles in keeping people comfortable. With unpredictable temperature changes continuously occurring, one can no longer imagine life without these cooling devices.

But, with all their benefits, know that they can also put your health at risk, especially without proper maintenance and care. Anyone exposed to faulty and contaminated car air conditioning unit are likely at risk of health problems.

Knowing what issues may arise due to improperly maintained car ACs may help you make sure yours do not put your health and safety at risk.

Dusty and grimy filters

One of the most important components of your car aircon, filers collect and trap dust, pollen, dirt, grime, and other debris to ensure you and your passengers get cooled with fresh, clean air. They have their limits though, which means they have a life span (either for changing or washing).

Imagine what will happen to the air inside your vehicle when your AC’s filter can no longer function properly: it will make the air filled with contaminants. So get them changed or washed, depending on the type of filter your automobile air conditioning system uses, as regularly as possible.

Breathing problems due to accumulated contaminants and pollutants

Once your filters fail to perform their functions correctly, you can expect your air conditioning system to spread around contaminated and polluted air. This may cause breathing difficulties, lung problems, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and aggravate other existing health conditions. So if you haven’t yet changed the filters or you are experiencing issues with your cooling system, it’s best to go to a reputable car aircon servicing company right away.

Insect and pest infestation

You know all those dirt and debris in your car air conditioning system? They can actually attract various types of insects and pests. So when you do not replace or clean them as necessary, you can expect these annoying and pesky critters to start nesting in your AC. They can also cause damages to the cooling system when trapped inside.

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As you can see, keeping your vehicle’s AC system clean and well-maintained is key to a healthy ride.

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