Your Cheat Sheet for Loft Spaces: Deciding on a Type of Loft Conversion

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Loft in SurreyAn empty loft space in your Surrey house is full of conversion opportunities. It could serve as a playroom for the children, a guest room for visiting relatives or even a home-office for yourself. With that said, consider a loft conversion to make the most of your property.

Here are four ways you can turn that empty loft space into a useful and appreciated area in your home.

Rooflight Conversion for an Airy Room

If you plan to turn the space into an airy and well-lit room, you need a rooftop conversion to install windows at the same angle as the roof slope. It is a cost-effective solution that won’t take as much time as other conversion types. A planning permission from the local authority is not usually necessary either.

Dormer Conversion for an Additional Room

A Dormer conversion is ideal if you need an extension for a playroom, a study or another bedroom. It creates an extra room in your otherwise unused loft space. Furthermore, you can style it any way you want without it eating into your garden space. It may require planning consent, though.

Hip to Gable Conversion for Usable Internal Space

Much like a Dormer conversion, a hip to gable conversion adds a bedroom or home-office to your existing space. It includes major structural changes to your roof to add to the usable internal space. Moreover, a planning permission is not necessary as long as the design is within the boundaries of your development rights.

Mansard Conversion for Maximised Loft Space

Finally, if you are looking for a way to maximise loft space, a mansard conversion might be the way to go. It typically costs more than other conversion types, but that is because it makes significant changes to the rear of your property. Needless to say, it requires planning permission from local authorities.

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The abovementioned types of loft conversion projects will help you decide on which one best suits your budget and time-frame. Whichever you choose, the outcome will be well worth it.

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